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Prepainting Checklist for Homeowners in the Bay Area

Painting your home is a major home improvement project. It is in both parties' best interests to make yourself available at the start and completion of your job regardless of whether it is an interior or exterior paint job. This will ensure that all items are completed as agreed to per your contract.

Here are two brief checklists that will help you prepare your house for a successful painting project.


1. Turn off the sprinklers the night before so that surfaces will be dry.
2. Trim back plants, shrubs and trees that are next to or touching the parts of the building that will be painted.
3. If possible, clear away the dirt next to the foundation. Dig down to about 4 inches below the existing grade, and make the "trench" 6 inches wide so we can apply the paint low. This will prevent moisture from getting underneath the paint. You'll be able to backfill after 12 hours.
4. Remove light fixtures, house numbers and other exterior items so we can paint the surfaces completely. We'll mask everything that's left in place, but remember, things change! To prevent unsightly marks left if you replace a light fixture or lockset, make your changes before we paint. Don't forget to check to see if the rain gutters need replacing. Make us the last stop in your home improvement plan.
5. Tell your neighbors that you are painting and give them the dates. Ask them to move cars and items such as grills, bicycles and easy-to-move items to help prevent possible damage.


1. Remove all drapes, blinds, wall coverings and light knickknacks. Move them into an area not being painted.
2. Box up all items that will have to be moved (magazines, books, toys and items that inhibit access). China cabinets, curio cabinets and things that have to be moved should be emptied so things don't fall over and break. It is the customer's responsibility to disconnect computers, stereos, entertainment systems, etc., so that they can be moved for access.
3. Leave your work or cell phone numbers so we may contact you if needed.
4. Make sure you are comfortable with your color selections and locations. We are happy to help guide customers in their selections; however, these choices are ultimately the customer's decision.
5. Communicate with your estimator and foreman. If you are not sure of something, please ask questions. It is better to catch something early before it is painted and minimize the possibility of being charged to have something redone.


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