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Why Lead-Free Paint Is Important for Your Home

Lead presents serious risks to all people who come into contact with it, but the greatest risks are for children. Children who have been exposed to lead paint, dust and other contamination factors have significantly lower intelligence quotients (IQ) than those who have been kept in lead-free zones.


There was a time when lead was present in nearly every home in the United States. In fact, prior to 1978, very few states regulated the use of lead in the paints used to decorate homes. That year, though, the EPA mandated that no new houses could be built with lead paint and that lead paint should be removed from the market.

Dangerous for Children

Anywhere that lead paint is exposed, your child is in danger of devastating effects. Young children, especially those under the age of 7, are likely to put flecks of paint from seals and doors into their mouths. In older homes, these flecks are very likely to contain lead. Lead concealed under layers of paint should not be dangerous, but any lead that is released in chips or as dust can enter your child’s body to do significant damage.

The effort to eliminate or contain lead paint in your home should be continuous, but no child should be exposed to lead dust during a renovation or lead removal effort. Call So Unique Painting & Decorating in Pleasanton for home painting.


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